Spaces Between Words

enjoy_the_silence_by_aquasixio-d72js0bI am a hoarder of silences,
Whether they’re awkward, serene or otherwise.
I collect um like train tickets or bottle caps,
Cultivating them like they were my own children,
Raising them from the glowing embers of abandoned conversations,
For as long as they can continue to burn.
I have an aversion to breaking silences,
The longer they stretch on the harder it gets.
Like every unsaid word builds up to form a dam against my lips,
Becoming increasingly impossible to flow over.
Not that I’d want it to anyway.
Why would I wish to utter mundane syllables and shatter the crystalline beauty?
Sometimes sharing a silence with a loved one can convey a thousand effortless words.
It may be ironic for a poet to say but words were only created to express our emotions,
The abstract and obscure constrained to definitive articulation.
Not to rob words of their beauty and majesty but sometimes they have a tendency to fall short.
I encourage this practice of appreciating silences,
To take time to marvel at their simplistic elegance.
Because sometimes we say more with the spaces between our words,
And those we choose to remain un-uttered.